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1-Pegs Boardroom Launch

Binance Smart Chain

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Project details

New Tomb fork on BSC with 3 algostable tokens.

  • Stake 1SHARE in the boardroom to earn more 1BNB; 1BUSD and 1CAKE
  • 1BNB; 1BUSD; 1CAKE is the algostable tokens, pegged to the price of BNB; BUSD and CAKE respectively
  • 1SHARE is the shares token; with 70,000 total supply
    • 58,001 1SHARE to staking pools distributed over 2 years
    • 6,000 1SHARE to dev team vested linearly over 2 years
    • 5,999 1SHARE to Treasury vested linearly over 2 years
    • 1 1SHARE for initial mint
  • 1WBOND; 1BBOND and 1CBOND are the bond tokens
  • Token ownership for the algo-stables has been renounced, but not for the 1SHARE token
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