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Across Protocol Liquidity Launch


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Project details

Token launch on Ethereum, for an Ethereum L1-L2 bridge.

The exact launch time for this event has not been announced, only that it is scheduled for November 28. This time is a placeholder.

No contract available at time of review.

  • Launch Details
    • Token will be listed on Uniswap
    • Token pair: ACX/USDC
    • Listing price: TBA
    • Initial circulating market cap (estimate): TBA
    • Initial liquidity (estimate): unknown
    • Taxes: 0%
    • Across bridge is live
  • Mechanics & Features
    • Across is a L1-L2 Ethereum bridge that combines an optimistic oracle, bonded relayers and single-sided liquidity pools
    • User can provide single side liquidity (e.g. ETH, USDC, DAI) and earn a share of the protocol’s fees
    • Supported chains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Boba
    • Referral program: refer users and earn a portion of fees in ACX for transfers made from your unique referral link
    • ACX is the governance token and holders will have voting rights on the protocol ‘s proposals
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: ACX
    • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
      • 2% — Community airdrop
      • 1.5% — Early Bridge Users airdrop
      • 7% — Liquidity Providers airdrop
      • 2% — Bridge Traveler Program airdrop
      • 15% — Strategic Partnerships ($UMA token swap with Risk Labs)
      • 10%— Strategic fundraise (Risk Labs)
      • 2.5% — Referral program rewards
      • 7.5% — Liquidity mining incentives
      • 52.5% — Across DAO Treasury Reserve
      • ❌ No information available on the token vesting
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