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Aptos Bulls Mint

Aptos Chain

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Project details

A collection of 3,333 bulls on Aptos.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint will be held on Souffl3 launchpad
    • Mint price: 3 APT
    • Supply: 3,333
    • Mint schedule and mint limits per wallet:
      • whitelist – 12pm UTC – max 2 mints
      • public – 1pm UTC – max 3 mints (opens if supply remains)
    • Creator’s royalties: unknown
    • Art reveal: unknown
  • NFT Utility & Benefits
    • Revenue from mint and secondary royalties will be used to invest in yield farming opportunities and profits will be redistributed to the holders every week
    • Bull holders will have voting rights on treasury investments (1 Bull = 1 vote)
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