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Aptos Monkeys Mint

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Project details

A collection of 5,000 monkeys on Aptos, building a suite of products that help gamify or liquefy NFT communities.

The exact time for the event has not been announced, only that it is on Oct. 25. This time is a placeholder.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint will be held on Topaz launchpad
    • Mint price: 7.77 APT
    • Supply: 7,777
    • Mint schedule and mint limits per wallet: TBA
    • Creator’s royalties: unknown
    • Art reveal: unknown
  • NFT Utility & Benefits
    • No information available on the utility or benefits of the Aptos Monkeys NFTs, however, Aptos Monkeys is planning on building products such as;
      • Rafflor – NFT raffle system (already live)
      • Lendor – liquidity for NFT loan pools
      • Alertor – NFT floor alert systems in collaboration with wallet partners
      • Jungler – NFT DAO tooling/voting systems with forum capabilities
      • Palette – auction systems for 1/1 artists
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