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New ROI dApp on BSC from Thoreum Capital team.

  • Deposited BUSD is automatically converted to LIBERA/BUSD LPs
    • Users can also deposit LIBERA/BUSD, LIBERA, or LIBERA and BUSD
  • Early deposits are accepted
  • Rewards are in LIBERA/BUSD LPs and can be unzapped for BUSD
  • Daily ROI: 3% to 10% depending on the length of the stake
    • Starts at 3% on day 1 and increases to a fixed 10% on day 91
    • Compounding and withdrawing dividends reset daily ROI back to 3%
  • Max 365% ROI after 91 days
  • Minimum deposit: 10.57 BUSD or 10 LIBERA/BUSD LPs
  • Maximum deposit: $22,000 or 20,000 LIBERA/BUSD LPs
  • 10% deposit fee
  • No additional compound fee, but you pay the 10% deposit fee on compounds
  • Unstake initial deposit anytime (dividends included)
  • Unstake fee starts at 20% and decreases to 10% at day 91
  • Sliding scale whale tax on wallets owning > 1% of the pool
  • 5% referral bonus to those who use a referral link to deposit, and 5% to the address that referred the new user
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