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BUSD Kingdom Launch

Binance Smart Chain

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New ROI dApp (Kingdom Cash fork) on BSC.

  • Deposit BUSD to purchase CRYSTALS at a rate of 1 CRYSTAL = 0.2 BUSD
  • CRYSTALS can be used to purchase various Towers or add more Warriors to each Tower
  • Each Tower comes with 1 Warrior and can be upgraded to a maximum of 6 Warriors per Tower
  • Warriors produce daily ROI in GOLD
  • Daily ROI: 2.99% – 4.36% (depends on the Tower level and number of Warriors)
  • Withdraw/sell GOLD rewards in exchange for BUSD at a rate of 1 GOLD = 0.002 BUSD
  • No minimum or maximum deposit
  • 13% deposit fee (5% in BUSD, 8% in CRYSTALS)
  • 24 hours rewards accumulation cutoff; must collect GOLD rewards daily to continue earning rewards, or expand cut off time up to maximum of 48 hours, by paying in CRYSTALS
  • 8% referral commission in CRYSTALS and 4% in GOLD
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