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DeMountain Finance BUSD Launch

Binance Smart Chain
Project details

New ROI dApp (Avarice fork) on BSC.

This is the third launch from the Paramount Finance team, having previously launched a MATIC and BNB version.

  • Deposit BUSD in the weekly auctions (see “weekly auctions” below) and receive $dMOUNT (native token)
  • Stake dMOUNT to earn yield paid in dMOUNT and a share of BUSD dividends from the auctions
  • dMOUNT can be staked for a minimum of 21 days and up to a maximum of 300 days
  • Staked dMOUNT (+ bonuses) and BUSD dividends can only be withdrawn at the end of the staking period — the longer the staking period, the higher the bonus
  • Price of dMOUNT is determined by the amount of BUSD contributed to the daily auctions
  • Active stakes can be traded (buy/sell) and also used as collateral to borrow/lend BUSD via the in-app marketplace — 2% marketplace fee
  • Weekly auctions lobby;
    • opens every week; Friday – Sunday
    • users deposit BUSD to receive dMOUNT tokens — the more BUSD you deposit, the more dMOUNT tokens you receive
    • dMOUNT received is calculated based on the total BUSD contributions and the day of the auction, up to a max of 24 days
    • 90% of BUSD in the auction pool is re-distributed to dMOUNT stakers, 8.25% for team/marketing/buybacks
    • 33% of every deposit is sent to a treasury vault to be used for generating yield to support the protocol
    • no minimum or maximum deposit
    • 3,000,000 dMOUNT initial supply in the auction pool on day 1; decreasing by 3% with each next auction
  • Referral commission: 3% to referrer and 15% to referee (paid in dMOUNT)
    • For the first auction, referral commissions are 6% to referrer and 3% to referee
  • Lottery feature – 0.5% of auction deposits will be added to a lottery pool, and every auction period, 30% of the lottery pool will be awarded to the user with the highest deposit, and the deposit must be greater than that of the previous winner
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