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Dexioprotocol V2 (DEXI V2)

Cronos Chain
Project details

Dexioprotocol is migrating to Cronos in July, they will merge DEXI and DGX in to DEXI V2. Holders of DEXI and DGX can migrate and buy into the private sale as of June 19th. Please see pinned in TG for info. We set out to be pioneers and this bold move lives up to that designation. Our strategy in this migration is; to reduce the supply, merge the tokens (and so the liquidity and resources), raise much needed capital (through crowdsourcing as a benefit to retail investors over VCs and whales), provide an excellent opportunity to reward existing holders for their loyalty to the project, upgrade the smart contracts for all of the DEXIO products and applications, form a strategic new partnership with one of the biggest names in crypto, and put ourselves on the map for innovative strategy and perseverance in the face of adversity. Ecosystem Dexi & Dexigas DexiMarketplace DexiWallet DexiSwap Smart Dexio Network Games DexiHunter DexiKnights DexiDragons DexiCarnival DexiHero Legends of the Dexiverse UPDATE JULY 4 Presale postponed at least one week. UPDATE JULY 5 We have officially moved the public presale to July 14 - July 28 and the live token (and open migration) to July 28. Please keep in mind that these are tentative dates. We are working very hard to ensure this process is timely but we are also making sure that all of our smart contracts are audited, functioning exactly as they should, and we have ample time to test everything on the testnet. Furthermore, the DxSale rules apply to the presale and we are at the mercy of those rules once we begin the presale. So we are reluctant to start it without having everything in place and being 100% confident of that. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Everything we do is in the best interest of the project, our holders, and our community. UPDATE AUG 8 Well my friends- The time has finally come. After nearly two months of auditing and re-auditing our contracts and BE/FE logic as well as getting all of our products ready to make the migration, we are finally going to be launching the DxSale Public Presale!! Presale will begin on Thursday, August 11 @ 11am UTC. 3M CRO Hardcap / 1.5M CRO Softcap 20K CRO Max Contribution 150 CRO Min Contribution $0.075 per DEXI v2 More information will be made available as we get closer to presale launch including the DxSale Presale Public Link. Once we are through the DxSale Public Presale, all early migrators and private sale people will be airdropped their v2 tokens to the address I sent you on your Promissory Note. After the token goes officially live on VVS Finance (more info on this once we get closer to it) a link to our migration swap will be provided and you will be able to swap your DEXI v1 & DXG for DEXI v2 directly on the swap. Again, more information will be provided once we get closer to that, DO NOT EVER EVER EVER CLICK ON ANY LINKS THAT ARE NOT PROVIDED TO YOU BY THE OFFICIAL DEXIOPROTOCOL CHANNELS!!!!!!!!!! We will never DM you first, never ask you for your private keys or seedphrases, don't need your passwords, and have no interest in any of your private information AT ALL. Stay SAFU people. Exciting times ahead!!!!!!!!! UPDATE AUG 27 Just for some clarity for everyone here- We have partnered with our friends at Scrub.Money to run a launchpad for the presale of v2 IN TANDEM with the DxSale presale. As everyone here would know, we had many technical issues with our DxSale presale loading and people being able to get in. So this is how we are working to make sure we hit soft cap. But let me be clear. All of the v2 presale CRO on the Scrub.Money launchpad will be injected into DxSale BEFORE the DxSale presale ends by Scrub.Money (and us) to ENSURE WE HIT SOFT CAP at DxSale. But we need to hit that minimum at Scrub.Money for the launchpad to release the funds and "succeed." So everyone in the community who has not contributed but was planning to, please do that with the Scrub.Money launchpa

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