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Gutter Punx Mint

Fantom Chain

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999 dystopian cyberpunks on Fantom.

No website, so we are linking to the artist’s Twitter.

  • Mint Details
    • Supply: 999
    • No max mint per wallet or transaction
    • Secondary sales on NFTKey and Paintswap
    • 6.66% royalties
    • Royalties used for merch giveaways and airdrops for holders
    • Whitelist presale 30 minutes prior to public mint
    • Spearhead’s previous generative collection Edbangerz minted out and is on NFTKey
  • NFT Utility
    • Free airdrop of forthcoming Oily Bitz collection
    • Top 20 holders receive 1/1 Braindance airdrop
    • 25% discount at Shadowcraft merch store
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