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Halloween Farm Liquidity Launch

Polygon Chain
Project details

Token launch for a new yield farm on Polygon, from Waterfall DeFi team that previously launched several farms.

Stealth launch between 2 – 4pm UTC.

  • Launch Details
    • Token will launch on MM Finance DEX
    • Token pair: HALLOWEEN/MATIC
    • Fair launch; no prior token sale
    • Listing price: unknown
    • Initial liquidity: unknown
    • Initial market cap: unknown
    • 5% transfer tax
    • $HALLOWEEN can be used participate in liquidity mining to earn more HALLOWEEN tokens
    • Farms are scheduled to open on Oct. 31
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: $HALLOWEEN
    • Total supply: 6,666
    • Initial supply: 100
      • ❌ No information available on how the initial supply is allocated
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