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Mad Meerkat MMB Polygon Mint

Polygon Chain

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Project details

MM will launch a new collection on Polygon.

The total supply for the third collection of MM is 13,000. Some of that supply is being airdropped to eligible holders of their previous DMM collection, and the remainder will be for sale.

  • 399 USDC each
  • There is no information about where the sale is being held, but sale of previous collections took place on Mad Meerkat’s website
  • Total supply of 13,000
  • Maximum of 3 mint per transaction
  • A portion of this supply will be airdropped to holders of the previous DMM collection
  • There will be two minting stages:
    • Whitelist mint at 1 pm UTC
    • Public mint at 4 pm UTC, in case they don’t sell out
  • This collection introduces utilities such as:
    • Staking at their Mad Meerkat Finance platform
    • Boosting your daily yield by 1% per Mad Kat staked
    • Maximum of 3 Mad Kats staked, increasing the daily yield to 3%
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