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More BNB Launch

Binance Smart Chain
Project details

September 14 update – launch delayed to September 19 to “improve metrics in the smart contract.”

Hex / T2X / REX / Avarice fork on BSC.

The countdown on the homepage has it launching at 6pm UTC, but in Telegram they say it starts at 8pm UTC. Perhaps the countdown is using the browser timezone. We have set the launch for 8pm UTC.

  • Deposit BNB in the daily auctions to receive MBNB
  • BNB contributed to the auction is distributed as follows:
    • 4% for MBNB buybacks
    • 3% to the dev team
    • 3% to the marketing team
    • 3% for the “Biggest Buyer” bonus
    • 4% to the “Top Sponsor” pool
    • 8% to the “Leader Bonus” pool
    • Presumably the remaining BNB is distributed to MBNB stakers, as that’s how these dApps typically work, but it is not specified in the whitepaper
  • Auctions begin with 3,000,000 MBNB and reduce 1% every day, until reaching the minimum of 1,000,000 MBNB per auction
  • Stake MBNB for 1 – 300 days to earn MBNB and BNB rewards, which can be collected at the end of the staking period
  • 10% tax (on your BNB and MBNB) to claim at the end of the staking period, or you can restake with no tax
  • 10% referral commission in BNB based on the amount of BNB that is deposited via your referral link, but you much achieve the milestones outlines in the whitepaper
  • “Daily Biggest Buyer Bonus” received 10% of the Biggest Buyer pool for depositing the most BNB into the auction for that day
  • “Daily Top Sponsor Pool” earns a daily bonus based on the sum total of BNB their referrals contributed to the daily auction
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