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Our Love by Sammy Adams Mint

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Project details

Recording artist Sammy Adams is launching a genesis music NFT collection for his single “Our Love”.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint price: 1.5 SOL each
    • Mint schedule:
      • Whitelist mint: Nov 14th, 5:00 PM UTC
      • Public – Nov 14th, 6:00 PM UTC (this event)
    • To get whitelisted join their Discord, ask to be whitelisted then complete the steps on Magic Eden Launchpad
    • The collection comprises 1000 NFTs, including 80 rare and 20 super-rare NFTs
  • Mint funds breakdown
    • Sammy Adams: 30%
      • Sammy Adams proceeds will go toward the creation of his debut independent album “Good Problems” including lead single “Our Love”
    • Wetiko: 30%
      • Wetiko’s proceeds will be payment for his commissioned artwork on “Our Love”
    • Hoober: 20%
      • Hoober’s proceeds will be payment for his production work on “Our Love”
    • Sadboy Records: 15%
      • Sadboy Records’ proceeds will go towards the marketing and promotion of “Our Love”
    • NiftyTunes: 5%
      • NiftyTunes’s proceeds will go towards building out the NiftyTunes Web3 music launchpad, marketplace, and DSP
  • NFT Utility
    • Each rare NFT will enable one collector to claim a free guestlist ticket to any Sammy Adam tour date from his December 2022 tour
    • Each super-rare NFT will come with a special prize, which includes:
      • 2x feature by Sammy Adams
      • 2x 1 Hour production session with Hoober
      • 2x 1 Hour art aonsultation with Wetiko
      • 2x 30 Minute video call with Sammy Adams
      • 2x remix by Hoober
      • 1x the physical ‘Our Love’ painting by Wetiko
      • 2x VIP + backstage access to a Sammy Adams show
      • 7x 1 Hour record label consultation with Sammy Adam’s manager and Sadboy Records
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