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Pirates Gold Miner Launch

Binance Smart Chain
Project details

New ROI Miner launching on BSC, from the Atom Miner team that have launched several other miners.

  • Deposit BUSD and earn daily ROI paid in BUSD (subject to availability of funds in the contract balance)
  • Daily ROI: 300% — Max 1x ROI (ROI in a day)
  • Minimum deposit: 20 BUSD
  • Maximum deposit: 200 BUSD
  • Fees: 10% deposit and 10% withdrawal fee (all fees sent to Atom Miner TVL)
  • 24-hours claim
  • Withdraw daily — 100% of dividends can withdrawn
  • No emergency withdrawal; initial deposit cannot be unstaked
  • Referral system: 15% bonus on referred user’s deposits
  • Jackpot feature: 10% bonus awarded to the top depositor within a 24-hour period
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