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Plague Game Mint


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Project details

A collection of 10,000 plague doctors on Avalanche, created by JoePegs, and playable in an interactive game.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint will be held on JoePegs launchpad
    • Mint price: 3 AVAX
    • Supply: 10,000
    • Mint schedule and mint limits per wallet:
      • whitelist – Nov. 17, 5pm UTC – max 5 mints
      • public – Nov. 19, 5pm UTC – max 5 mints (public opens if supply remains)
    • 2.5% creator’s royalties
    • Art reveal is scheduled for November 21
    • Game is scheduled to begin on November 24
  • NFT Utility & Benefits
    • Holders will have access to play the Plague Game
      • Plague Game is broken up into epochs of 12 hours each. At the start of each epoch, a number of plague doctors are randomly infected with the plague
      • 10,000 Potion NFTs will be airdropped to Plague Doctor NFT holders after the mint (1 potion per NFT). Infected plague doctors must drink a potion by the end of the epoch, or they will die
      • Potions can be bought/sold on the secondary market
      • If your infected NFT does not consume a potion, that NFT will be disqualified from playing. The game continues until there are less than 10 players standing
      • 70% of Plague Game’s mint revenue will be shared among 10 winners
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