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Qatari Bet Liquidity Launch

Binance Smart Chain
Project details

New memecoin on BSC with a World Cup betting platform.

❌ No docs or whitepaper.

  • The fair launch presale was held on Pinksale, raising 100 BNB with a 50 BNB softcap
  • Presale rate: 1 BNB = 547,973,254,532,366 QB
  • ❌ Listing rate: unknown, the team says to wait for more info
  • 60% of presale funds go to liquidity
    • ❌ There is no information on where the remaining presale funds go
  • Total supply: 202,220,222,022,202,000 QB
    • 30% to the presale
    • 27.9% has been burnt
    • 17.1% to liquidity, locked for 1 year
    • 10% to betting pool rewards
    • 8% to marketing
    • 6% to product development
    • 1% to the team
  • 3% tax on buys and sells, all to marketing
  • The betting dApp allows users to bet on World Cup games with $QB, but there is no public launch date for betting
    • ❌ There is also no information on how the betting platform will work – how much goes to winners, any rake, minimum or maximum bets, etc.
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