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Sperax: Demeter Rewards Launch

Project details

Liquidity mining rewards begin for Demeter – a new protocol from Sperax on Arbitrum.

  • Demeter protocol is a tool for DAOs to launch and manage their liquidity on Uniswap v3 pools
  • Demeter is launching a liquidity campaign with DAOs that will run for 90 days
  • DAOs will be incentivized to pair their token with Sperax’s stablecoin; USDs, to increase USDs total value locked and liquidity
  • Users will be able to stake LP tokens of partner DAOs to earn dual-token rewards (partners’ native token and Sperax’s native token – SPA)
  • Available partner farms will include;
    • GMX – stake GMX/USDs -> earn GMX, SPA
    • PlutusDAO – stake PLS/USDs -> earn PLS, SPA
    • Saddle Finance – stake SDL/USDs -> earn SDL, SPA
    • Layer2DAO – stake L2DAO/USDs -> earn L2DAO, SPA
    • Layer2DAO – stake L2DAO/WETH-> earn L2DAO, SPA
    • Vela – stake VELA/USDs -> earn VELA, SPA
    • FOREX – stake fxUSD/USDs -> earn FOREX, SPA
  • SPA rewards will be matched 1:1 (in dollar value) to the partners’ reward contributions (up to $10,000 SPA / month)
  • Every 14 days, emissions rate will be rebalanced according to dollar value to match the DAOs contributions
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