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Project details

Collection of shapeshifting raccoon dogs with huge balls on Ethereum, for use in their roadmapped metaverse game.

The team has not announced a launch time yet, only that it will be November 29. This time is a placeholder.

  • Mint details
    • 0.01 ETH each
    • 0.06 ETH for golden sarubobo holders
    • 0.08 ETH for silver sarbobo holders
    • 3599 of 9999 will be minted in this release
  • Utililty
    • Any NFT is used to access the metaverse games
    • Rarities: genesis, legendary, ancestral & invincible
    • Any NFT can be used to take part in the games & earn PEBBLES
      • PEBBLE is the in-game token & can be used to purchase merchandise
        • PEBBLE is not yet live
    • Holders will access to:
      • Governance rights
      • Host games & earn PEBBLES
      • Stake their NFTs & earn PEBBLES
      • Airdrops
      • Dividends
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