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Toys R Us Mint

Solana Chain

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Project details

A collection 10,000 NFTs on Solana, from toy brand; Toys R Us, in collaboration with Anybodies.

The exact time for the public mint has not been announced. This time is a placeholder.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint will be held on Magic Eden launchpad
    • Mint will be available on SOL and ETH
    • Mint price:
      • $100 for public mint
      • $80 for whitelist mint
      • 1200 $STYLE for Anybodies holders ($STYLE is Anybodies native token)
    • Supply: 10,000
      • 2,000 allocated for public mint
      • 3,000 allocated for whitelist mint (NFTs locked for 30 days)
      • 1,000 allocated for Anybodies mint (NFTs locked for 30 days)
      • 1,000 allocated for in-store activations
      • 1,000 allocated for web2 presale
      • ❌ No information on how the rest of the supply is allocated
    • Mint schedule and mint limits per wallet: TBA
    • Creator’s royalties: unknown
    • Art reveal: unknown
  • NFT Utility & Benefits
    • No information available yet on the utility, if any
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