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TRACER Public Beta Launch

Polygon Chain
Project details

TRACER is a move-2-earn fitness and lifestyle app on Polygon, with NFT gaming and social-Fi elements.

There is no exact start time for this event, only that is on November 30.

  • Launch Details
    • The Closed Beta Test (CBT) app was launched on June 30th
    • This is the launch of the Open Beta Test (OBT), available to everyone to participate
    • How to participate;
      • download the TRACER app – Android and iOS
      • sign up with your mobile phone number
      • create your in-app multichain wallet
      • transfer tokens (NFT, MATIC, TRC, HLT,etc.) into your in-app wallet
      • purchase (with MATIC) NFT shoe or NFT shoe parts in the in-app marketplace. Genesis Shoes can be purchased on secondary marketplaces such as OnePlanetOpenSea and transferred to your in-app wallet
      • build your shoe from NFT shoe parts
      • go to the Arcade tab, select a challenge and participate to starting earning native $TRC rewards
      • Shoes can also be staked to earn $TRC rewards
  • Mechanics & Features
    • Users earn rewards in tokens or NFTs by engaging in activities such as; walking, jogging, and running
    • Users need to be equipped with the TRACER 3D shoes NFT to earn from move-2-earn activities
    • Non-shoe holders can earn from watch-to-play activities, participating in shoe NFT raffles
    • Each shoe NFT is composed of 4 NFT pieces (sole, body, laces, gear) with different rarities (common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary) and abilities (efficiency, luck, resilience). Combine all 4 pieces to make a complete shoe NFT
    • Shoe part rarities can be upgraded with to improve their abilities
    • In-app assets (shoes, parts, accessories, magic spray, etc.) can be bought and sold on the in-app marketplace
    • Multiple earning modes – challenge (set daily goals and bet tokens), lottery (raffle), team battle
    • Dual token model – $TRC, and $HLT
    • $TRC is the utility token; unlimited supply, earned from activities such as; move-2-earn, watch-2-earn, lucky box, promotion
      • Token utility – build/repair/upgrade/break shoes, upgrade accessories, participation in various modes (challenge, lottery, team battle), purchase magic spray, participation in NFT raffles
    • $HLT coin is the governance token; fixed supply, minted through a competitive way.
      • Token utility – governance voting
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