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Wand Investments Protocol Launch

Binance Smart Chain

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Project details

Wand Investments aims to provide low risk, medium gain investment options, facilitated via a dual-token model – a token ever increasing in price and a reflection token.

  • $SCEPTER is the ever-increasing token; its price will only increase
  • $BATON is the reflection token; hold it and receive increasing amounts of USDC rewards every week
  • $WAND is the internal token; for protocol’s use as collateral on lending platforms
  • $SCEPTER can only be bought from or sold on the WAND dApp
  • $SCEPTER is backed by a treasury of digital assets (mostly stablecoins) and the backing price is designed to increase in value when bought, sold, or nobody buys or sells it
  • Holders of $SCEPTER benefit from its price appreciation
  • $SCEPTER can be swapped 1:1 for $BATON on the WAND dApp
  • For each $BATON, a $SCEPTER is burnt; decreasing its circulating supply and increasing the backing price
  • Holders of $BATON benefit from $USDC reflections from profits generated from treasury investments
  • $USDC rewards can then be compounded into more $BATON
  • For each $SCEPTER bought, $WAND is minted, and is used by the protocol as collateral to increase the treasury value by borrowing stablecoins against it and investing
  • The protocol invests its treasuries in low to medium risk investments to support the protocol tokens
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