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WC BUSD Miner Launch

Binance Smart Chain
Project details


New ROI dApp (Wealth Mountain fork) on BSC.

  • Stake BUSD and earn daily ROI paid in BUSD (subject to availability of funds in the contract balance for payment)
  • Daily ROI: 3.5% – 8.5% (depending on the days staked)
    • starts at 3.5% and increases every 10 days, up to a fixed yield of 8.5% from day 51 onwards
  • Minimum deposit: 50 BUSD
  • No maximum deposit
  • 10% stake/deposit fee
  • 10% dividends collection fee
  • Unstake anytime (initial deposit and dividends included)
  • Unstake fee starts at 20% and decreases to a fixed 12% on day 30
  • Compounding and dividend collections reset all stakes back to starting 3.5% daily yield
  • No compound tax
  • 10% referral commission
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