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Xindex Launch

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October 8 update – the launch is delayed to October 21.

October 8 update – the most recent post in the Telegram, from October 6, says it’s launching on October 8, but on the site it says it’s launching October 21. They don’t have a chat (only a channel) so we are unable to check with the team and confirm which is correct.

Oct 5. update – Audit completed by George Stamp (linked below).

Sept. 26 update – Launch postponed to Oct 8.

New ROI dApp on BSC.

  • Deposit BUSD and earn daily ROI in BUSD (subject to availability of funds in the contract balance for payment)
  • Daily ROI: 6% — max 30 days
  • Minimum deposit: 50 BUSD
  • No maximum deposit
  • Initial deposit cannot be withdrawn
  • 6% deposit fee; no withdrawal fee
  • No compound tax
  • 5% referral commission
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